Monday, June 14, 2021

A little bit of aftersun colour from my bedroom window this evening.......Robin Mawer

Saturday evening at Porth Helick beach . There was this adult Ringed Plovers and its one surviving chick which seems to be developing really well ......Robin Mawer

Sunday, June 13, 2021

I tried for the Green Flash again tonight ( Sunday ) but with no success !.......Robin Mawer

Sunday evening from Porthlow.......Robin Mawer

 Another beautiful morning on St Marys, Paula

The Cornwall Air Ambulance coming in to St. Mary's Airport this afternoon......Robin Mawer

The Royal Fern is doing well at Higher Moors/Porth Hellick at the moment.....Robin Mawer

The huge Aircraft Carrier " HMS Prince of Wales " about twelve miles away going south between Deep Point the Mainland . It had been in St. Ives bay for the G7 summit........Robin Mawer

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday sunset from Porthlow . The sun is nearly as far west as it gets to set. Here it is seen going down behind the western side of Samson Hill, Bryher and behind Gweal Island. Soon after I took this there was a very brief Green Flash which I missed with my camera !
I always thought it only happened when it set over the sea with no cloud but I now know otherwise !.....Robin Mawer

Saturday Sunset from Porthlow. The first clear one for a while !........Robin Mawer

A stunning day, after 2 days of fog.  Paula


A Sycamore tree at Newford Duck Pond three weeks ago in flower and today the same tree with well formed fruits .......Robin Mawer

Friday evening from Porthlow and after three days of Fog the sky started clearing from the west at Sunset time !........Robin Mawer

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Just before and just after sunset time at Porthlow on Tuesday evening......Robin Mawer

 St Martins yesterday, Paula

 Bryher today, Paula


 From Viking Venus