Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The very rare minute Dwarf Pansy on the slope behind Rushy Bay, Bryher today......Robin Mawer

The very tiny rare Orange Birdsfoot flower on Heathy Hill, Bryher today......Robin Mawer

The 58,250 ton 999 passenger Saga cruise Spirit of Discovery 0n her way from Belfast to Portland about 15 miles from Deep Point at 1.30 pm today. She came into Scilly last year a couple of times ......Robin Mawer

The smaller 9,988 ton 184 passenger French cruise ship " Le Bellot " in Crow Sound today having come from Cherbourg and now on its way to Dublin . She is a sister ship to the Le Dumont D'urville which was in The Roads on the 15th of May. ..........Robin Mawer

The 130,818 ton Cruise Ship " Celebrity Apex " 12 miles off Deep Point this evening on her way from Greenock to Cherbourg . She can carry 3,405 passengers .......Robin Mawer.

This scarce " Wood Sandpiper " was showing well at times from the Stephen Sussex at Porth Hellick today. It is my first for the year as I missed the one that was at Lower Moors a few days ago......Robin Mawer

Monday, May 23, 2022

Porth Hellick today - A Coot and its chick.....Robin Mawer

Sunday evening Sunset time at Porthlow and the sun had disappeared behind a bank of cloud again !..... Robin Mawer

Sunday Sun setting to the right of Puffin Island seen from my usual Porthlow spot. Five days ago it was setting to the left of Puffin Island.......Robin Mawer

This now very scarce " Turtle Dove " was feeding with the Parting Carn Chickens today and has been for a day or two,.....Robin Mawer

Sunday, May 22, 2022

 The Final Two Photos From This Holiday.....Back In Sept... Stay Safe And Well.

The Peaceful Old Town Churchyard And Town Beach. St .Mary's



Saturday, May 21, 2022


 Highertown Bay From Cruthers Hill. St. Martins And "Gry Maritha" In Pursuit St. Mary's






An unusual and interesting " Yellow Wagtail " was with the horses at Carn Friars Farm today which could be from North Scandinavia. ....Robin Mawer

Friday, May 20, 2022

The Sun now setting behind Puffin Island between Samson and Bryher as seen from above the beach at Porthlow. Now further to the right than a few days ago......Robin Mawer

Friday evening from Porthlow......Robin Mawer

The small 4,200 ton Cruise Ship " Island Sky " anchored in Crow Sound off Watermill this afternoon. She arrived at 12.40 pm. from Portsmouth with up to 104 passengers who went to St. Agnes and are now ( 9.00 pm ) departing for Lundy Island .....Robin Mawer

 Looking To The Northern Rocks and Hangman Island. Bryher



Thursday, May 19, 2022

9.15 pm. on Thursday evening from above the beach at Porthlow.......Robin Mawer

This Tawny Pipit was found by Spider on the Airport this evening after it was closed for the night. The light and distance was not good for photos ......Robin Mawer