Monday, June 11, 2018


" OtillO 2018 " The first & last people landing on St. Mary's at Innisidgen from St. Martins this afternoon. First ashore 52 a French Men's team (who finished 2nd.) 2nd ashore no. 1 a Swedish team (who were the end). 3rd. no. 75 a British team who finished 6th. Then the 1st. Ladies a Swedish pair who finished 1st. Ladies & 10th.overall. No. 85 were Wez Swain & Rob Carrier who finished 26th. mens & 39th overal . Then came 410 Alison Stedeford & Selena Baxter who finished 9th ladies 71st overall. 402 were Anna McCann & Amanda French finishing 11 ladies & 80 overall. The last ashore and last to finish were the mixed pair no 304 Mike Porteous & Rose Wilmot..........Robin Mawer

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