Wednesday, June 15, 2016


OLD & NEW . This old Alexander Gibson photo (one of his earliest) taken at Trewince Farm in 1872 of the end of harvest party "Nickla Thies" at the "House of the Mow" where after a meal dancing went on all night. Squire Davis is in his trap centre of picture. Others are his wife,daughter, baby and their nurse ; the Misses Emily & Polly Tregarthen; Charles Allen, Clement Mumford, Augustus Jackson. A Customs named Hinks, William Escott (with his Children), Stephen Bickford (in the tall hat), William Charles Bickford (holding the pony's head) and George Webber (of Old Town). Compare that with a "Today" one ! There are too many changes for me to find the original spot but I think I got the angle about right !!......Robin Mawer

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