Friday, January 29, 2016


Hi everyone, I work at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park and just
wanted to share an update on the Loggerhead Turtle we received, that
washed up on the Isles of Scilly.
When she arrived, she had a body temp of 11 degrees Celsius which is
very chilly for Loggerheads!
Over the last 10 days we have been warming her up a degree at a time
to get her back to a normal turtle temperature. She has also has had
rounds of hydration fluid helping to restore minerals and fluids and
we started tube feeding this week - a yummy 'squid lucozade!'
It's still very early days for our little loggerhead, but every day
she is a little stronger and is beginning to wriggle a little more.
It's still early days but we are providing the best possible care,
that we can. We are hoping that within 6 months she can return to the
wild, all being well.
We would like to name her Sapphire but wanted to let you all know
first, before we make it media official!....Laura.

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