Saturday, October 17, 2015


  OLD & NEW.  I think this may be  the spot where this very old photo was taken ???  On Tresco at Old Grimsby by where the Church is but may have been taken before it was built in 1877/79. Can anyone help more with this please ?.....Robin Mawer


Roger Manning said...

Hi Robin,

I think your correct judging by the orientation of the rocky outcrop beyond the building on the right of the old photo, I think that must be Long Point, by the Ruin Cafe.

It's lovely to see your photos from afar- memories of many wonderful holidays there - and hopefully more to come

trescofan said...

Hi Robin

Have you an email address I can use as I think this isn't Dolphin town but what was 'back lane' where the bothys are now. You can see on your old photo the sea and what we have always called 'submarine' rock in the distance. I have a photo of the five cottages in back lane I can email your if I can have a contact email please. Alternatively you could check with Eddie Birch as i believe he was borne in back lane

Hope I can help

Robin said...

John, I have been told that the houses were all pulled down to build the Island Hotel