Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Pictures from yet another cracking day on the islands.

Nice to see a couple of yachts moored in Porth Cressa still, making
the most of the very welcome sunshine

Old Town Bay as the tide came in this afternoon

Carn Leh from the seaward side

Royal Navy Search and Rescue Sea King coming in to land at St Mary's
Airport on their farewell tour, with a cameraman outside the Control
Tower for good measure (photographed from Carn Leh). In my own
experience at work, the SAR team are an absolute credit to the Royal
Navy, very professional and dedicated.

The same Sea King a short while afterwards, on exercise with the RNLI
off Garrison; here seen lowering someone towards the lifeboat,
Bartholemew Post to the left of picture. It was the massive plume of
spray that first highlighted me to the helicopter

John Stickland

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