Monday, October 05, 2015


Pictures from a very pleasant wander around St Mary's today - and it
didn't rain on us...

Plenty of seaweed to be had for the fields and gardens at Old Town
after last nights high winds

OK, this bird may not be rare - but (being absolutely useless at
identifying them), at least I know what it is. A Robin watching
proceedings at Carreg Dhu - which looked as lovely as always

The first daffodils / narcissi I've seen on the islands this season -
inside Seaways flower and bulb shop. Innisidgen Paper White's. Nicely
scented as well. Still haven't seen any in the fields yet though.

Someone's pinched the view. Juliet's Garden on a foggy day.

Halcyon Daze sat in the sand besides the new slipway at Porth Loo

John Stickland

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