Sunday, September 06, 2015


Now is the time of year for this unusual Palearctic orchid , Spiranthes spiralis commonly known as Autumn Lady's-Tresses found in a few short grassy places around the Islands.......Robin Mawer


scillophile said...

Morning Robin,
So nice to see the tresses. Were they on the Garrison (nr. Morning Point) ? I've seen them there many times - if not, I would welcome the knowledge of other locations.

You missed my comment earlier last week re: your 'Now & then' pictures. I have a scanned library of our local historian's Scilly post card collection (Peter Gilson now sadly deceased). Some may be new to you and could be material for yet more of your comparison images.
If you contact me on I will forward you some.

Kind regards
Steve Martin

Robin said...

These were by my house.
I will contact you by email soon.