Thursday, August 27, 2015


 " Biche " arrived in Scilly this morning with friends of mine on board  calling  first at St. Mary's where she was to big for the harbour so went to Agnes later moving to Watermill Cove where I was able to go aboard.
Biche is the last sailing Dundee tuna boat of the isle of Groix, in South Brittany. She is the unique survivor of these outstanding sailing working boats of the Atlantic coast of France. She was built in 1934 in Brittany and fished for Tuna until 1973 when she was sold to Belgium for a Cadet dormitory. Later she was English owned for a while and ended up rotting away at Cameret museum. A group of people "Les Amis du Biche " formed and saved and beautifully restored her exactly as she was originally except that the fish hold became an 8 berth cabin with a galley and toilet/shower room ......Robin Mawer

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